• Room temperature electrical transport needle setup
  • Optical setup for micro Raman and photoluminescence spectroscopy, from RT down to 4.2K
  • Confocal microphotoluminescence setup, CW and time resolved, HBT, closed-loop cryostat (Attocube)
  • Spectral response and efficiency measurement under 1 sun setup for solar cell characterization
  • High mobility III-V Molecular Beam Epitaxy machine (P600 Dual chamber from DCA Instruments)
  • MBE for semiconductors made of earth-abundant elements (e.g. Zn3P2), GenExplor (Veeco)
  • Set up for magnetotransport experiments. Temperature between 1.6 and 300K, magnetic field up to 9T
  • Access to latest generation of nano and microfabrication cleanroom facilities (CMI, Physics Department)
  • Access to electron microscopy facilities, including cathodoluminescence from Attolight (CIME)