Welcome to the Laboratory of Semiconductor Materials

Our research focuses on the synthesis of novel semiconductor nanostructures and the study of their properties, aiming at two applications that will impact our society in the XXI century: quantum science and renewable energy harvesting.

One of the nanostructures that interests us the most are nanowires. Nanowires are filamentary crystals with a tailored diameter between few and hundred nanometers. Due to their characteristic shape and size, they can exhibit different properties, which allow us to use them in significantly different configurations with respect to their bulk counterparts. Among the materials studied are Si and several compound semiconductors such as III-As, III-Sb and II-Vs. We aim at a sustainable use of materials in next electronic and optoelectronic applications as well as the advancement/discovery of the most sustainable materials.

Latest news

14.07.2018  Lea Ghisalberti won the poster prize at the Nanowire week. Congratulations, Lea!!!

07.06.2018  Lucas Güniat won the 2nd place and the prize of the public at the Swiss contest of my thesis in 180 s. We are proud, Lucas!!!

21.11.2017  Lucas Güniat won the EPFL contest of my thesis in 180 s. Amazing, Lucas!!!

See the movie in: https://actu.epfl.ch/news/how-to-make-straight-nanowires-in-three-minutes/

09.2017 Martin Friedl won the Award for Encouragement of Research in IUMRS-International Conference on Advanced Materials 2017 organized by MRS-J. Congratulations!

19.07.2017 Heidi passed her private thesis exam successfully. Members of the jury were Paul McIntyre, Kimberly Dick-Thelander, Nicolas Grandjean and Cécile Hébert. Congrats!

05.07.2017 Francesca passed her private thesis exam successfully. Members of the jury were Esther Alarcon-Llado, Michael Johnston, Elison Matioli and Paul Bowen. Congratulations!

13.04.2017 Jelena passed her private thesis exam successfully. Members of the jury were Philippe Caroff, Vladimir Dubrovskii, Cécile Hébert and Dragan Damjanovic. Congrats!

16.12.2016  Gözde passed her private thesis exam successfully. The members of the jury were W. Craig Carter, Paulina Plochocka, Fabien Sorin and Paul Muralt. Congratulations Gözde!!

19.07.2016  Federico passed his private thesis exam successfully. The members of the jury were W. Craig Carter, Frank Glas and Francesco Stellacci. Congratulations Fede!!

09.05.2016  Lea Ghisalberti has received the Inspire Award from QSIT, which will fund her master thesis at EPFL. Congratulations Lea!!

26.04. 2016 Federico Matteini won the reward of the audience for the best presentation in the Nano-Tera (http://www.nano-tera.ch/) NextStep PhD students program: Entrepreneurship

02.02.2016  We are very happy and proud to say that from today Esther Alarcon Llado (until today our group member) started as a tenure-track group leader at AMOLF Institute in Amsterdam. Good luck Esther…we will miss you…


21.11.2015  LMSC participates in the Scientastic Festival of EPFL dedicated to Energy

26-30.10.2015 LMSC participates at the Nanowire Growth Workshop and Nanowires 2015 in Barcelona

Congratulations to Jelena for the excellent talk and Gözde for teh 2nd prize poster!


Nano-engineering boost for solar power World Economic Forum

Latest news

01.09.2014 Esther Alarcon-Lladó starts her Ambizione project as a group leader and PI. 


11. 07. 2014 Anna Fontcuberta i Morral is now Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering in EPFL’s School of Engineering. Congrats Anna!!


20. 11. 2013 Daniel Rüffer has obtained the Q-starter Technology Transfer Award from the NCCR-QSIT. Congratulations!


June 2013, LMSC – Lausanne: 7th Nanowire Growth Workshop

LMSC is glad to announce the 7th Nanowire Growth workshop. After Lund, Duisburg, Paris, Rome and last year St. Petersburg, the workshop will be organized in Lausanne, on the EPFL campus. More information here!


A new light source for Quantum Photonics

Our recent publication in Nature Materials about a new type of quantum light emitters embedded in semiconductor nanowires is now featured on EPFL-STI website.


A film about the quantum science in Swizterland and the collaborations going on in the frame of QSIT can be found in the following link:


New cooperation project with Jena and Vienna, D-A-CH program
Quantenpunkte und Nano-Drähte

Dr. Sonia Conesa-Boj has been awarded the Marie Heim-Vögtlin funding for a 2 year postdoc. Congratulations!

Courses for Materials Scientists and Physicists

In the fall semester, Prof. Anna Fontcuberta i Morral teaches “Functional properties of materials” (3rd year bachelor in Materials Science). In the spring semester, she gives the classes: “Semiconductor materials and properties: from the bulk to the nanostructure” and “crystal growth by epitaxy” (for Master students in Materials Science and in Physics), Check our teaching pages for more information.

Research Lab Projects

We have research lab courses open at any time, available for both students in Materials Science and in Physics, e.g., for “Projets Matériaux I & II” (BSc in Materials Science), “Research Projects I & II” (MSc in Materials Science, BSc and MSc in Physics, Chemistry).
Furthermore, we are accepting students from Materials Science as well as Physics for Master theses (MSc in Materials Science or Physics).
Check our lab-projects pages for more information on the “Projets de semestre” available.